What We Do

Global Value Investing
Our core strategy is in value investing across the capital structure in companies globally. Our investment approach is primarily bottom-up securities selection, enhanced with a top down sectoral and geographical perspective.

Across Capital Structure
Our multi-asset approach allows us to dynamically allocate capital between equity, debt and convertibles, liquid and illiquid securities. We adopt an asset-class agnostic approach to capture capital structure inefficiencies in the markets.

In Private & Public Companies
With the flexibility of investing in both public and private securities, we are able to enhance our ability to generate stable returns with lower correlations to the public markets.

Through Sectorial Approach
We execute our strategy through a sectorial approach where our sector specialists use their deep understanding of the sector trends and companies’ fundamentals to select the most appropriate investments that are expected to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Aim to generate low volatility returns
We tactically employ hedges to dampen volatility to achieve stable returns.